Microsoft Announcement Tomorrow, May 10th

Yes, after a year of endless inquiries and questions to my Microsoft rep (no, she held fast and never spilled the beans), word comes from 3PointD today that Microsoft has an island in Second Life.  Tomorrow, May 10th, they will be making the announcement about this new island:

Microsoft Flies A Blimp Into Second Life

There’s a video at the above link promoting this new Microsoft endeavor.  My Microsoft rep has denied this island’s existence so long now that I actually started to think I was wrong, and had somehow misunderstood the “rumor” I had heard so many months ago.  I attend a CIO conference every February up in Redmond, and at the last one I attended a year ago I was asking anyone who would listen about a mystery Microsoft Island.  Nothing, nada, zip, ziltch.  One thing is for sure, as I’ve now learned first hand, Microsoft can keep a secret if it wants to. 

This video shows a sign indicating the name of this new island as “Visual Studio Island”.  Those buggers!


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