Translated Conversations on PacRimX


I wanted to post a screenshot (a clipped portion of the screen) of me having a conversation with one of the Kyoto students on the PacRimX Island tonight.  The students from Kyoto recently arrived on the Island, and when they come online, they come online in a big way (as in a class at a time). 

I was over working on the first centerpiece tank in our new Aquarium.  I was having a conversation with Chris Flesuras, my partner in this project from Kyoto.  While we were talking, two of his students came looking for him to ask a question.  Once he left, this student stayed. 

I welcomed him to the island.  I then asked him how he liked it so far.  He said that he was enjoying it, and that they were happy to be there.  When I asked if he was getting comfortable with Second Life, he replied that he was “beginning”.  I told him that I knew, and that at first it was hard, but then it would get easier.  This dialog is shown above.  We then talked for a few more minutes before someone came to get him, to bring him back to their class. 

While the translator does not do anything for changing the syntax of the sentences (very different between Japanese and English), the words do translate and you can generally get the idea of what is being communicated.  This translator is only intended as a bridge until they get stronger English skills, and we are all anxious for voice to come to the island.  But this project would not be possible if not for this translator.

I wanted to share this first encounter with the rest of you.  It’s so exciting to see this project moving forward as planned.  It’s even more fun to see how the students are taking to it, how the island is changing with every new resident that arrives.  The next few months should be very interesting.

And I also want to send out a HUGE thank you to Max Case for providing us with his Babbler/Debabbler HUD attachment

Without Max, this project would be nowhere near as successful in building a bridge between these two groups of students on opposite sides of the world.  Thank you Max for everything!


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