Kelp Tank Completed

Kelp Tank Balcony

Tonight I finished our first major display in the PacRimX Aquarium facility.  I keep getting asked “But how are we going to build fishtanks in Second Life?”.  So I did this as an example of how we can do it (one of many ways I am sure). 

I’ve already approached the Monterey Bay Aquarium to link back to various content from their website.  They do a really great webcast several times a day that shows their divers feeding the fish in their kelp tank.  I hope to embed that live video stream into this tank.  It will be a really great way to merge a stream from the real Monterey Bay Aquarium with our PacRimX Aquarium.

Below is a demo media rack that I put together to show the Monterey Bay Aquarium people how Second Life works.  On that center shelf is a PDF linked copy of their Shorelines Quarterly Newsletter, a PDF linked copy of their Seafood Watch Conservation Guide, and an iPod that links out to their Podcasts page

Media Rack

I think there are a lot of possibilities here to build some really unique displays in this aquarium.  The real challenge will be to do it while keeping the prim counts under control.  We will post pictures throughout the summer as we progress on filling this structure with displays. 

We are planning for a multimedia summer school class that will be primarily working in Second Life, and will have a field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to get ideas for our island project. The list is growing fast of students who want to enroll in this class. 


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