Philip Rosedale Speaks about Second Life

Here is a video of Philip Rosedale’s talk at the Cowell Theater in San Francisco.  This was a presentation he made for The Long Now Foundation on November 30, 2006. 

Second Life: What Do We Learn If We Digitize EVERYTHING? – 1 hr 26 mins (link to intro page for this talk)

A Description of the talk from Fora.TV:

For this talk the founder and CEO of “Second Life,” Philip Rosedale, tried something new for him – a simultaneous demo and talk. His online avatar, “Philip Linden,” was on the screen showing things while the in-theater Philip Rosedale was conjecturing about what it all means. “This is a game of ‘Can I interest you more in what I’m saying than what’s going on on the screen?'”

note: At about 19 mins in Philip talks about emergent behavior, and why the world of Second Life has to be connected, and why it must be a large scale “one world”.  I suspect this concept will keep Linden Lab from breaking up the grid(s) until all other options have been exhausted to address the grid issues.  

One cool thing is that Philip has his outline for his talk on a sheet of paper that his avatar carries with him throughout the talk.  He occasionally zooms in to check the notes to keep on track.  That was a very nice touch. 

The Fora.TV player has a very nice feature set, and you can jump around to the various parts of this talk very easily using the chapters feature. 

If you’ve never seen Philip Rosedale give a presentation before, this is your opportunity.  I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Second Life Views 4 back in March.  He is a very engaging person who has no problem sharing his enthusiasm and vision for Second Life. 

How many of you would take on almost an hour and a half live demo of Second Life in front of an audience this large?


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