Travel Agencies in Second Life

Yahoo News has a story up on taking virtual vacations in Second Life:

Virtual Trip: Travel in ‘Second Life’

Apparently there’s a new book out ‘The Unofficial Tourists’ Guide to Second Life“.  This article focuses on those who are running travel agencies and getting new people adjusted to the world of Second Life.  Here’s a quote from the article on one of the agencies that specializes in synthetic travels:

“For those looking to get their bearings, one option is the guided tour. Virtual travel agency Synthravels seeks to match up “tourists” and volunteer guides in 27 different online worlds, including “Second Life,” “World of Warcraft” and others.”

Best part is, no passport required.

One response to “Travel Agencies in Second Life

  1. P.S. For new members who can afford the $12.95/yr fee, let them know $5.00 goes to The Humane Society and to help the homeless.

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