Fashion Design and Modeling in Second Life

In keeping with the education theme today, here’s another story that holds promise for High School curriculum:

Supermodels In The Making (part 1)

This is not directly addressing education, but read the story an then think of the possibilities.

I was at a meeting this afternoon at our ROP facility. The classroom where our meeting was being held is used by the fashion design class. The walls were covered with magazine pages of fashion ads, student drawings of their designs, and stacks and stacks of fashion books and magazines.

It doesn’t take a big stretch of the imagination to look at the pictures included in this story to see the potential for fashion students to move their concepts into Second Life, and to possibly compete in various competitions (local, state and national) with their creations. Taking it to the next level, you could also simulate the business end of the fashion industry in setting up and running the shows and possibly setting up in-world and web based publications to market the designs, and in-world store fronts to sell the designs to other residents.

Do you think this may excite some students with visions of becoming actual designers? Maybe this is a little more engaging than magazines and drawings? Someone needs to grab a pair of scissors and run with this idea.


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