Voice Coming To SL Next Week!

Can you hear me now?

Well, almost. Voice support is coming to Second Life next week! I believe this is earlier than was originally expected.

If you’ve not tried voice yet, it’s awesome. Spatial voice supports screams for headphones and a boom mic for full effect.

Information Week has an excellent article on the coming of voice support to our world:

Voice In Second Life Gets Two Thumbs Up

From the article:

Linden Lab described a list of features when announcing voice in Second Life in February:

  • Voice will be a standard part of Second Life, with no additional software needed. The only hardware you’ll need is a headset with microphone.

  • Content providers — known as “land owners” in Second Life jargon — will be able to optionally enable or disable voice.

  • Users — known in Second Life jargon as “residents” — will be able to communicate across land parcels, with up to 100 users on a single conference. This is important because Second Life is currently limited to about 50 users on a single parcel of land.

  • Residents will be able to have one-on-one conversations over instant message.

Students, get your microphones, plug in, and add a new dimension to Second Life next week.


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