Sorry for Absence

Sorry for the gap in blog posts. The last few weeks have been especially crazy and busy. I was actually out of town at the amazing Networld Interop show in Las Vegas. I saw some really great new technologies there, and also had some fun while in Las Vegas. I even made it over for a hike at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon on the first day (travel day).

I don’t think this would be a location easily recreated in Second Life.

I had to pass on participating in the Best Practices in Education virtual conference last week due to my workload. This was a huge disappointment. I tried to follow along with the streaming video provided for the keynotes, but they had some issues and the sound kept dropping out. I fully plan on posting all available links to resources from that conference as I have time to add them to this blog.

Things are still going to be busy for the next two weeks. Once school is out, and things settle down, I will get back to a regular posting cycle with the blog, I promise.

We have a summer school class scheduled for this summer that is really going to be great. It will use the PacRimX islands for a multimedia class. The students will be travelling to the real Monterey Bay Aquarium to take pictures and video for display on the island. This will be our first experience with 30+ students in one lab all accessing Second Life concurrently. Right now, they are having some issues with this in Kyoto, and I hope our experiences will ultimately help to figure out what their problems are.

So hang in there everyone. I was told we will have voice on the island in late June. So that is definitely something to look forward to. Only a few more weeks, then more time to spend on the blog.


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