E-learning, Web 2.0 … and games as mud maps

I found a very interesting blog entry at Designing for Civil Society.

E-learning, Web 2.0 … and games as mud maps

The first paragraph of the post explains the subject matter:

“This is the story of how I began to discover the way Web 2.0 may change learning for college students, the three journeys involved in building online systems, and why a workshop game may be a mud map. Oh, and how the Open Innovation Exchange model may be the way to tie a lot of these things together.”

It’s a very interesting read on how Web 2.0 may change the learning environment and the barriers to these changes. There’s some interesting information on Personal Learning Environments (PLE’s), and their impact on how students will learn:

“The key word is personalisation, and that means a big change for teachers, who become guides rather than instructors, as well as having to learn how to use a lot of new tools. It also presents a challenge to college management, who have to work through what it is acceptable for students to access and publish, and how potential employers will view this shift to more self-directed learning.”

There are a lot of embedded links in this blog post that are well worth exploring for those interested in the subject matter. Here’s one link that specifically deals with the PLE’s:

The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

And drilling down through several links I stumbled on this post at Ewan McIntosh’s Edublog.com:

Reboot9: Citizens of the future – are you ready?

I’ve added Ewan’s blog to the blog roll to the right. I think I will definitely be spending some more time soon exploring his site.


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