Open is seeking to bring open source to the universe of virtual worlds. This is home to an effort to create a truly open metaverse, but also is home to the OpenSL effort:

Descriptions of projects from the website:

  • OpenSim aims to develop a Virtual Worlds application server platform that you can use to host your own Virtual World regions and connect them to a grid using it’s companion project, OpenGridServices.
  • Open Grid Services is a set of applications designed to allow multiple OpenSim regions to communicate with each other. It provides common user, asset, grid and inventory functions for hosted regions.
  • OpenSL is a virtual worlds client based on the original Second Life™ GPL sources. The OpenSL project hosts community applications and patches and may offer features or bugfixes that the official client does not.
  • libsecondlife is a packeting library compatible with the Second Life™ protocol.

Check out the website linked above for more information.


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