Second Seeker – Unofficial Second Life Reviews

The Internet is built on reviews. Virtually everything that occupies physical or virtual space likely has several pages dedicated to reviewing them. Now there is a site that reviews locations and attractions in Second Life. The tagline at the site states:

“Tired of sex? Is clubbing boring? Slingo leaving you unfufilled? Let Second Seeker be your travel and cultural guide to the “no-sleaze” parts of Second Life.”

This is good news all the way around. Far too many sites exploit and sensationalize the adult aspects of Second Life. This site is attempting to shine a light on those areas of the virtual world that are not titillating or sensational, but instead cultural and educational. I suspect that as Second Life becomes more mainstream, there will be other portals and review sites for those aspects of Second Life that appeal to the more serious residents.

Second Seeker – Unofficial Second Life Reviews


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