User Acceptance of Virtual Worlds

A study has been published that provides data on the acceptance of virtual worlds by users.

The full text of the study can be found here:

User Acceptance of Virtual Worlds: An Explorative Study about Second Life (Flash Reader)

Here is a summary of the results of the study:

  • 90% of respondents have less than a year experience
  • 70% access Second Life from home
  • 54% with a desktop
  • 67% of respondents are not afraid of giving personal information
  • Almost 60% are very likely to buy virtual goods from Second Life
  • 42% are willing to use their credit card to purchase on Second Life
  • About 70% perceive Second Life improves collaboration and communication
  • More than 60% perceive that it improves cooperation between people
  • 56% of respondents perceive Second life as easy to use
  • The results indicate that people are using Second Life not to change their identity, but rather to explore and visit new places and meet people.

The study is based on a group of 250 residents.


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