Virtual Worlds for Studying Real-World Business (and Law, and Politics, and Sociology, and….)

Robert Bloomfield, Professor of Accounting Cornell University – Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management has published a paper on the use of Virtual Worlds for studying real-world business.

Worlds for Study – Invitation

In this paper Robert Bloomfield gives an explanation of Second Life and World of Warcraft (for those not familiar with virtual worlds). These were chosen because of their popularity. Next he explains why these worlds hold so much promise for business education and research. He then lays the foundation for what he calls “Worlds for Study” (WFS). The paper closes with an invitation to the reader to go to the Worlds for Study website and participate in the discussion:

Worlds for Study Website

I remember back in college (and this will date me, as I graduated in ’86) we played a business simulation called “Reno Games”. We would break off in teams and run through several simulated years of running a fictitious business, then have to prepare a report complete with statistics on how well our business did when compared to others. My team was in the top of our class that year, but because our team was mostly made up of graduating seniors, we did not go off to compete at the state level. This game was very engaging (at the time). It was more or less turn based, as we would bubble in our decisions on a scantron sheet, submit our decisions, and then await the results. Taking this concept into a fully realized virtual world is an amazing concept, and one that is worthy of exploration. One of the teachers involved in the PacRimX project is interested in this very thing.

Check out the links above and join in the conversation at the Worlds for Study website at Cornell University.



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