Professors add life to courses through Second Life

There’s an article in the Des Moines Register about a professor using Second Life for a summer class:

Professors add life to courses through Second Life

A quote from the article:

“William Callahan, dean of the University of Northern Iowa College of Education, said Second Life is like a “quantum leap” from what professors in Iowa were starting to do a year and a half ago, uploading lectures online for students to download and listen to on their iPods.”

The article profiles Brian Mennecke from University of Northern Iowa and his teaching practices in Second Life.  There is also general comments on the platform, and some counter arguments for this type of instruction from Michael Bugeja, director of ISU’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication:

“Bugeja, who has studied how electronic communication influences relationships, was particularly critical of how the game will allow people to spend money in the virtual world to equip their virtual characters, homes and workplaces with accoutrements.”

Follow the above link to read the full article. 


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