IBM Dives Deep Into Virtual Realms

ChannelWeb Network has an article up on IBM’s recent use of Second Life for virtual business conferences:

IBM Dives Deep Into Virtual Realms

“IBM’s Rational Software Development Conference is physically taking place this week in Orlando, but a good chunk of Tuesday morning’s keynote on “The Future of Software Delivery” took place elsewhere: the virtual realm of Second Life, where IBM has invested in some sizable chunks of “metaverse” real estate.”

The turnout was not what they expected at this event, but they have several more events on the calendar for the near future. Check out this article for a comparison of the IBM digital natives and the immigrants (and those being dragged along).

An interesting article and evidence that even at IBM, a company that is heavily invested in Second Life, the platform has not hit critical mass in acceptance as a viable platform for these activities.


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