Kapor: 3D Internet is on the brink of mainstream

Mitch Kapor is featured in an article up at CNET.com

Kapor: 3D Internet is on the brink of mainstream

The industry around virtual worlds, also referred to as the 3-D Internet, is chaotic and messy but on the brink of mainstream adoption, said Mitch Kapor, chairman of the Linden Labs and PC industry pioneer.” – Mitch Kapor from CNET article

Mitch Kapor thinks we are on the brink of a mainstream 3D web. Being the Chairman of Linden Lab, it’s not surprising that he speaks glowingly of Second Life. One of his prime examples of the possibilities of virtual worlds is the Suzanne Vega concert in Second Life from last year. He commented:

“I realized these virtual worlds become what we imagine they could be and the limits and constraints are enormously less than that of the physical world,” he said.”

For anyone who saw the video (see it here on YouTube) you will quickly take some issue with this statement. From the guitar impaled through her chest at the beginning of the concert to the horrible (nonexistent) lip synching of her audio to her performance (a mannequin singing a song with no lip movement on stage) there was somewhat of a gap between what was shown and what “we imagine they can be”.

Follow the link above to read all of his comments on this subject.


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