Life beyond Second Life

CNN Money has an article up about other virtual world platforms that are also doing well these days:

Life beyond Second Life

The article points out that there are other games in town, and some of them are doing pretty well in the shadow of Second Life.

Not playing 2nd fiddle to Second Life

Other virtual communities are also atrracting big audiences in the U.S.


4.0 million


3.6 million


1.1 million


1.0 million



Second Life (App)




Source:comScore Media Metrix.

Most of the other platforms appeal to younger players, and are not generating as much revenue as Second Life. Some believe that a consolidation of these virtual worlds is inevitable.

I believe just the opposite is true if someone or group can ultimately tie all of the disparate virtual worlds together in some way that allows people to move their avatar identities through all of the worlds while only keeping one bank account to purchase goods and services from (hello IBM?).

Time will tell which way this all goes, isolated bubble universes or one big giant Metaverse. I’m cheering for the Metaverse myself.


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