Next for Second Life

The Sydney Morning Herald has an interview with Philip Rosedale up on what’s next for Second Life:

Next for Second Life

The reporter wastes no time getting to a question about Vista Compatibility (fifth question). He does state that there’s a problem with Vista, and that it will probably be 18 months before Second Life is fully supported on Vista and OS X.

I am VERY encouraged by the last question asked:

Q: What do you think about the idea that an SL avatar could move off and wander the web?

PR: We are building the back end to support that. The concept of identity through your avatar will span the web. We are going to enable that. Technology-wise, it’s only about 18 months away. I think we will see some inter-connected virtual worlds and I think we can lead by being as open as possible. If you are open and you are dominant you win, forever.”

There’s that 18 months response again. It worries me a bit that the 18 month timeline is quoted twice in the same article for different issues. That sounds way too familiar, kind of like “We will have that included in the next version of our software” that so many IT Directors are numb to hearing.

I think the last statement of “IF you are open and you are dominant you win, forever” should become the mission statement for Linden Lab!

Philip Rosedale is a very bright guy, he has a vision and he is working towards the full realization of that vision. I had the privilege of meeting him a few months back, and I was very impressed. I truly hope that they can overcome the technical challenges they are facing currently with scaling the platform to larger concurrent resident numbers and kicking in some of the underlying systems that will catapult the Second Life platform into the mainstream and up to the next level of the evolution of the Internet.


One response to “Next for Second Life

  1. I don’t know that Philbert is as bright as he is a visionary – but what is the difference between hallucination and vision? Faith, I suppose.

    18 month time frames make sense in technology. Moore’s Law is a firm basis to work from.

    I do hope that LL manages to move forward. But if they keep looking so far forward, they may well trip over their own shoe laces. Some say that this is happening already.

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