Avatars in Reality

Today the founding four PacRimX Students met their counterparts who are enrolled in the summer school class for the first time in non-virtual form. About 10 of these students have been regularly working together on the island on various projects. Here are two pictures of this first meeting of the faces behind the avatars:

Students meeting via video conference

Close up of the meeting via video conference

Tomorrow all of these students will be on the same side of the camera talking to the students in Kyoto. They will be interviewing each other as part of a Kyoto class project.

The students are all very excited about all of these new technologies at their disposal for this summer school class. Many have seen these sorts of things on TV, but have never had a chance to actually use them. The remote for the video conference equipment was being passed around on both ends a lot, as the students panned around trying to identify the others by their avatar names.


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