School’s in for Summer!

We have a summer school class that will be using the PacRimX Islands this summer. The class is a Multimedia class being taught by Bryan Rogers at one of our High Schools. High school students from around our district are able to enroll, as this is an ROP class.

The class will be producing a DVD video account of their summer, including their field trips and activities in Second Life. There are two planned field trips for this class, one to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and one to a TV News station. We will post blog entries and pictures after these trips. The students will be taking pictures and video at the Monterey Bay Aquarium that will be used to build the displays in the PacRimX Aquarium.

Class started this past Monday. Amazingly, especially for a class that is late in the day (read HOT!), half of the students enrolling in the class were there and in their seats a full half hour before class started. The air conditioner was not working in the classroom, and the temp has been close to 100 degrees these past two days. These students are excited about getting to participate in this class and their enthusiasm is apparent as they get through the first few days with all the difficulties we are encountering.

We have a series of video conference interviews taking place tomorrow with Kyoto students, and I will post some pictures from that to the blog. We might even have some media coverage of the class tomorrow (we’ll see how that goes). If there are video or newspaper articles I will post links here.

So even though most kids are off having fun in the sun this summer, this group of pioneers is helping us to blaze a trail in Second Life for a class that is outside of the exchange program. As with everything else, I will blog our experiences for others to follow.


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