A Brave New World for TV: Virtually

The New York Times has an article up on Second Life and a new resident, Vincent Tibbett. Vincent is an employee of the Sundance Channel. As the article states, he’s a canary down the mine shaft of new technology:

A Brave New World for TV: Virtually

One quote from the article:

“In the last year broadcast networks, cable channels and television content providers have all set up camp in virtual communities, where they hope that viewers who have forsaken television for computer screens might rediscover their programming online. Some outlets, like Showtime and Sundance, are establishing themselves in existing worlds; others, like MTV, are creating their own. Either way, if the wildest dreams of some very excited technology developers come true, virtual reality might finally be the medium that unites the passive experience of watching television with the interactive potential of the Web.”

This is a very interesting and detailed article on how broadcasters are exploring new virtual world technologies to boost their exposure and viewership. In my opinion, there are so many people that are getting into mainstream MMO’s like World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online because TV has abandoned them. Too many shows now are of the cheap to produce reality variety. More people everyday are bored with the passive act of watching TV. With ever increasing subscriber bases, MMO’s are becoming a powerful force, and provide an interactive experience, with some like Second Life allowing the participant to help build the world. It is encouraging to see these broadcasting corporations exploring these emerging technologies and seeing how they can enter in to this space.


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