Alliance Library System Wins Award

The American Library Association has awarded the Alliance Library System the 2007 Library of the Future Award:

Alliance Second Life Library Program receives 2007 Library of the Future Award

Since opening its virtual doors in April 2006, the Alliance Second Life Library has expanded its presence to include locations on Info Islands I&II, HealthInfo Island, The Caledon (19th century) Branch Library, Cybrary City Islands, and the Teen Second Life “Eye4YouAlliance,” where engaging activities and interactions occur in a collaborative, social/learning space.

“The librarians, volunteers, and partners of Alliance Second Life Library understand the importance of being ‘there’ and providing library services in a virtual world. Similarly, they “remain dedicated to promoting the value and use of real world libraries for real people. Through their innovative efforts, Kitty Pope and the Alliance Second Life Library project have created a phenomenal Library of the Future for which they are more than deserving of the award that bears the same name,” said jury chair Norice Lee.”


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