Second Life Science

Chemical and Engineering News has an article up on the efforts of several in Second Life to teach science:

Second Life Science

This article chronicles the first steps by the author, Sarah Everts, into science islands in Second Life. Her first stop was a lecture on Genome Island to listen to a seaside talk about making music from a protein’s amino acid sequence. From there she went to Drexel Island:

Horace has been experimenting with Second Life as a way to teach undergraduate organic chemistry, a topic he says can definitely benefit from 3-D visualization. Several of his students have met on Drexel Island to challenge each other’s organic know-how by touching an obelisk, which then flashes a sequence of quiz questions on Newman projections and Lewis dot structures.”

She then teleported to Genome Island. It was there that she met Hiro Sheridan, who has designed a computer program that creates, “in less than 30 seconds,” made-to-order molecules for viewing in Second Life. Her travels continue and she explores several other locales in Second Life that are dedicated to the sciences.

Read the full article for all the details of this recent convert to the virtual world of Second Life.

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