Sun’s Virtual Workplace

Sun has a page up detailing their efforts in creating a mixed reality workspace:

MPK20: Sun’s Virtual Workplace

This is a very interesting system that appears to be a fully realized 3D environment that mixes reality and virtual allowing for collaborative work between Sun employees in various locations. I really like the explanation of the Porta-Person, and how it allows for mixed reality meetings.

This page will give you a glimpse into the not too distant future where some people will go to work by logging into their computer. This may be done from home, or from locally rented office space where v-commuters go to work with full office support. Both Sun and IBM have clearly staked out property in the emerging virtual workplace arena. With aging boomers approaching retirement, these virtual work environments may allow them to continue working in a reduced hours and remote fashion to bridge the expected management shortfall that will come with the large number of retiring boomers.



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