Video Addiction Hype

Over the past few weeks there have been many mainstream media outlets warning that video game addiction was about to be recognized as a medical condition. The American Psychiatric Association has issued a press release stating that at this time video game addiction is not a recognized condition:

    APA News Release on Video Game Addiction (PDF)

The news release does include a qualifying paragraph:

“Psychiatrists are concerned about the wellbeing of children who spend so much time with video games that they fail to develop friendships, get appropriate outdoor exercise or suffer in their schoolwork. Certainly a child who spends an excessive amount of time playing video games may be exposed to violence and may be at higher risks for behavioral and other health problems. We look forward to further exploring this issue with our colleagues at the AMA House of Delegates meeting”

It would also appear that any formal recognition of video games addiction as a medical condition would not take place until 2012. Read the PDF at the above link for more information.


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