Virtual Kyoto Gauken Building

There has been a new building going up on the Kyoto Island now for a few months.  Chris Flesuras is building a virtual life sized model of the new building being built in real life on the Kyoto Gauken High School campus.  This model is not complete yet, but it is far enough along to get a good idea of what this building is going to look like. 

New Building Back

New Building Corner

New Building Side

I logged in a few weeks ago and bumped into Mr. Kuromiya, the Director of the ICT Program.  He was on taking some screenshots of the island.  I asked him about the building.  He said that the real building project is just breaking ground and laying the foundation.  The students are watching the new building being built out their window at school.  And here on the island they are able to walk through the hallways and enter the rooms virtually.

Having just completed a new high school contruction project this past fall, I can personally say that it would have been very nice to walk a virtual campus prior to the actual construction.  This would have given me a much better mental layout of the buildings and their interiors, as blueprints just don’t do it.  We are just now breaking ground on a new high school that will open in 2010.  I don’t think I want to build a complete virtual high school on the island, there are far too many buildings. 

As Chris progresses with this virtual project, I will post more pictures.  As the real new building comes up out of the ground in real life we will post pictures of it to the site as well.  This is a very creative and innovative use of the island to show the students what their new building will look like.  It is due to open this next Spring.  Maybe I will get to see it when I visit this next year?


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