Brave New World

Newsweek has a cover story on virtual worlds and Second Life:

Brave New World

The main article is on an interview with Philip Rosedale, and his thoughts on the growth of Second Life.

An excerpt from the article:

Philip Rosedale: In many ways, Second Life can be seen as the next step in the fulfillment of the Internet, in which people create and interact with content and each other in a 3-D environment. The potential for social interaction, education, commerce and entertainment in a 3-D environment is far greater than in the flat two-dimensional world we are now familiar with on the Web.”

Other articles linked to this story:

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One response to “Brave New World

  1. The press about Second Life that I’ve seen lately has been pretty consistently bad, suggesting that businesses, schools, etc. that had purchased land in SL were pulling out.

    This Newsweek coverage is so out of tune with other reports that it makes me wonder if it didn’t sit misplaced on someone’s desk for a while and when it surface someone decided to get their money’s worth out it even though it was out of date.

    By the way, I tried to comment on the Newsweek story about Hipihi, and have been getting an “an error occurred while registering ” message and cannot leave a comment on the newsweek site. Anyone else tried to register to comment on Newsweek sites recently?

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