Studies by IBM, Stanford, MIT, and Seriosity show that players of MMO’s are learning vital business skills for entering management positions in the real world:

Gaming’s business end

The study suggests that hours spent playing online can hone skills related to collaboration, self-organisation, risk-taking, openness, influence and communication – skills that are not generally taught in universities or workplace training programs.”

Anyone who has run a large guild will be able to identify with these studies. You have to effectively recruit quality players to your guild, train new recruits to fit into existing raid groups, manage critical resources for the guild, schedule guild raids, and oversee the distribution of the spoils of your guild’s efforts. The amazing thing is that age has no bearing in a virtual world or MMO. Some people are often surprised at how young (or old) some of the best players are.

This is not new news. The Book “Got Game” has been out for several years and covers this very subject. I believe it was one of the first books to claim this link between MMO’s and the business skills that are acquired in such an environment. Here’s a review of “Got Game” from

Got Game shows how growing up immersed in video games has profoundly shaped the attitudes and abilities of this new generation

Though little-noticed, these ninety million rising professionals, through sheer numbers, will inevitably dominate business—and are already changing the rules. While many of these changes are positive—such as more open communication and creative problem-solving—they have caused a generation gap that frustrates gamers and the boomers who manage them.

Got Game identifies the distinct values and traits that define the gamer generation—from an increased appetite for risk to unexpected leadership skills—and reveals management techniques today’s leaders can use to bridge the generation gap and unleash gamers’ hidden potential.”


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