Wii Remote + Second Life = Training Simulator

Wired Magazine has an article up on an MIT researcher that has married the Wii controller (a motion sensing controller for the Nintendo Wii) to Second Life:

Wii + Second Life = New Training Simulator

Companies like Orkin Pest Control, an energy company, and a manufacturer of medical devices are looking to this setup to train employees.

This isn’t the kind of technology, or model, that this industry — or Orkin — is used to considering,” notes David Lamb, Orkin’s vice president of learning and media services. He’s working with senior officers in the company to build a business case for such training, and, given the potential savings the company could eventually realize across its 400 branch offices, “there’s a very high probability we’ll move into this arena.”

This is a very interesting article that explores the many possibilities of this unholy union of PC, Nintendo and Second Life.


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