CBS to air WOW on CBS Sports

Either it’s a slow day in sports, or virtual sports are entering the mainstream media (video trailer at link):

WSVG Louisville to air on CBS Sports

There are already gaming channels on cable television, but this is the first move by a major network to air a video game competition. On Sunday July 29th @ noon EDT (9:00am PDT) CBS will air the finals of the World Series of Video Games (presented by Intel). The games being featured are Guitar Hero, EA Fight Night and World of Warcraft.

I guess with a subscription base of 9 million users now, World of Warcraft may be the target audience for this broadcast. If WOW were a country, it would be the 90th largest in the world. If even a fraction of these users tune it, this will be a successful showing for CBS. I don’t even play WOW anymore, and I might watch just to see how this is covered for broadcast.

This is another step for MMO’s towards mainstream acceptance. What’s next, mainstream TV shows having actors playing MMO’s (aside from the excellent South Park WOW episode)? When did the nerds lose dominion over this genre of gaming?


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