Moodle 3D Dropbox

This is a link to a video from San Jose State University on a prototype of an in-world device for use in education for students to submit projects in Second Life:

Prim Drop Alpha Video
(YouTube, 7:24 mins)

You need to watch the video to see the full impact of this outstanding creation from San Jose State. On the PacRimX Island we have a series of platforms on the Kyoto Island for students to submit their projects. This device would save a whole lot of real estate while addressing the rights issue on projects for instructor input.

The people at San Jose State have really been innovators in the area of Education and Second Life. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these for the island.

Keep track of developments with this and other Moodle integration projects at:

Sloodle – Learning System for Virtual Environments


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