Second Life Cable Network

I’ve added a link off to the right for the Second Life Cable Network. This site covers many aspects of Second Life in video.

To introduce you to this website I’ve linked to one of their “That S’Life” broadcasts from July 22nd. The broadcast is from the Monroe College campus on Learning Island. The broadcast highlights events taking place in Second Life in the coming week of the broadcast, complete with narrative and location information.

That S’Life July 22nd Edition

If you hang in (or fast forward) until after all the announcements, they have a feature on Kelly Services Island where people can research a career with Kelly Services through gameplay.

Here’s a link to the most recent episode. Hang in until the end to see a piece on Sapphire Technologies, the first specialist IT recruitment company in Australia and New Zealand to open an island in Second Life:

That S’Life July 29th Edition

This last broadcast was number 31 in a series, so they may just be around to stay for a bit. Poke around the site and you will find some roundtable discussions and other broadcasts of interest for educators.

Some links are out to other sites. One was a link to the Post-Conference Report on the Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference. For anyone who missed this conference, now’s your time to catch up with all the resources at this site:

Best Practices in Education




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