First Voice Meeting On PacRimX

First Voice
Flo Federal and PRX Aero, Diving Platform, PacRimX Aquarium

Tonight we had a three hour planning meeting for the coming school year. We were discussing the direction and goals for the PacRimX project this year, and also talking about Kyoto’s visit to Modesto in October. While we have done these in the past, tonight was a milestone because we did it in-world using voice.

Prior to tonight, we always used AOL IM, or another voice enabled IM, to have these voice chats. Chris had always used Skype for International calls. We were pretty impressed with the voice quality of our three hour call tonight. It’s a rare day indeed when you can keep a voice chat active using an IM service for three hours without problems. I know that we have fluctuating bandwidth issues between here and Japan, and yet we experienced no changes or fluctuations in voice quality tonight. The addition of voice has been eagerly awaited here on PacRimX.

Tonight we laid out plans for our first event on the island where we will let the students interact in voice. This is definitely a new dawn of possibilities for us. It’s going to be a fun and interesting year on PacRimX. New teachers, new students, and new lessons and activities for everyone involved.  There are other changes ahead, but we will announce those as we roll them out.

The future looks so bright, I think I need some virtual shades (oh wait, I already have some).



One response to “First Voice Meeting On PacRimX

  1. Ah this is GREAT! I’ve enjoyed using the new SL Voice as well! I look forward to hearing more about what’s going on a PacRimX and using SL Voice in the events!

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