South Africa and Second Life


Uthango Social Investments has opened a international virtual office in Second Life:

Uthango Social Investments Leads the Way to Virtual Africa

Leading the Way for Africa in Second Life

Uthango Social Investments is a company that is located in Cape Town, South Africa. They are the first NGO (non-government organization) to establish a presence in Second Life.

To teleport to their offices you can use this SLURL.

Uthango’s goal is to address the digital divide. What better way to demonstrate the effective use of technology than to open a virtual office. They are also working with other technologies with this project. Here’s a quote from the first article above:

Uthango is an investment company specializing in finding and creating sustainable programs – connecting corporate/government with communities through collecting local intelligence and translating it to the business sector. But, “we only work at the invitation of communities. We are a relationship broker and bridge-builder between diverse interest groups to create mutual benefit.”

Uthango is serious about access for all. They will be working in parallel at establishing internet hubs in communities. And, they are seeking partnerships with mobile telecoms on mobile applications for Virtual Africa, and to develop links between mobile space and Second Life.”

I find it interesting that at a time when big businesses are evaluating their failed involvement in Second Life, education and social based organizations are moving into Second Life is large numbers and leveraging the platform in new ways. It is truly inspiring to see gambling dropping off the grid while more socially aware endeavors are sprouting up in their place.


2 responses to “South Africa and Second Life

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  2. Thank you so much for placing an entry about our initiative. It is good to find support for the entry of Africa to virtual realities… Now, only if we can find the ways (together) to change the first lives of many…

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