Animoto – Cool New Service


We are all presenters.  One rule of thumb for cutting edge Second Life educators is don’t rely on PowerPoints alone.  There is nothing more painful to watch that a person trying to talk about cutting edge virtual environments using 2D flat presentations in PowerPoint.  If you must use PowerPoint, as least sprinkle in a video every couple of slides to mix it up. 

This is where this latest discovery comes into play.  The service is called Animoto, and it’s one slick automated service for creating edgy music video like slide shows.  You can go and register at the site for free, and produce 30 second videos to test the system out.  If you want to put together a longer video you need to pop for either a $3 one run through fee, or a $30 unlimited remix fee. 

The process could not be any easier.  You can upload your pictures either directly or from any number of popular image sites like Flickr.  Once loaded you can arrange them in the order you want them to appear.  From here you can sample the provided music tracks in the Animoto libary for something that fits, or you can upload one of your favorites.  Once you have everything just the way you want it, the Animoto system will digest it all and email you a slick edgy video.  Each pass through the process results in a unique video. 

Here’s a link to the Animoto Press Kit.  This page will answer most of your questions, and has a few sample vidoes.  Pretty slick stuff if you ask me.  I’ll definitely use this service to produce the introduction video for my next presentation.


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