Two Blogs to Watch

Westley FieldWe recently made a connection with another school in Australia starting up a project on the Teen Grid of Second Life.   Westley Field is the Director of Online Learning and Manager of IT at MLC School in Sydney. He is responsible for the Skoolaborate initiative. 

Westley found us through the SLED Listserv, and he has been talking with Chris Flesuras (co-founder of PacRimX in Kyoto) recently about the common goals of our projects.  Westley is in a time zone that is closer to that of Kyoto Japan, and linking up with his project may allow for more activities for the Kyoto students during their school day. 

We have a desire to link up with other schools around the globe who are working in cultural exchange projects in Second Life, specifically on the Teen Grid. 

Here are the two blogs that Westley has started in support of his Skoolaborate project and education in the 21st Century (they’ve both been added to our blogroll):

iThought – Thoughts on Learning in the 21st Century

Skoolaborate – An Australian project in Global Citizenship


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