State Run Virtual Schools Gather Steam

eSchool News has an article up about a study being released next week about state run virtual online schools:

State-run virtual schools gather steam

This article talks about how virtual online schools will likely become a major part of state sponsored education across the country.  The report coming next week will detail the findings of the study that was conducted:

“The 112-page report, which is being released today in advance of next week’s annual meeting of the SREB’s Educational Technology Cooperative, provides state-by-state details on the scope, financing, enrollment, curriculum, teacher preparation, and other aspects of government-supported virtual schools throughout the South.

A copy of the Report on SREB State Virtual Schools, which is based on an online survey conducted last spring, will be available at the SREB’s web site (”

Further into the article there is some discussion of the variety of courses being offered through these online virtual schools:

“He also cites SREB survey results indicating that some of the online programs already under way are offering such an “incredible” range of courses that they fairly rival the curriculum typically offered by a large urban high school. The SREB report lists the online courses offered in each state during the past school year. They include everything from core courses in English, math, science, and social studies to Advanced Placement courses, foreign languages, technical studies, remedial courses, music, art, journalism, and health–and that’s just scratching the surface.”

It is very unlikely that any of the programs listed in the SREB survey involve virtual worlds.  However, as more and more students go online, and teachers look for ways to enrich the content and engage their students, certainly some of the courses will incorporate virtual worlds in their virtual schools online. 


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