HBO Buys SL Documentary

The Hollywood Reporter has an article up about a first in Second Life:

HBO Buys SL Documentary

What makes this a first is that the documentary, that was purchased by HBO, was filmed entirely in Second Life.  The director has made movies in Hollywood before, so he is not unknown.  The documentary follows an avatar as he moves through Second Life, learning about all the different aspects of a second life. 

You can view the first episode of this documentary on the My Second Life site. 

Here’s the setup for the series of shorts from the website:

“In January 2007, a man named Molotov Alva, disapeared from his Californian home.

Recently, a series of video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared within a popular online world called Second Life.

Filmmaker Douglas Gayeton came across these video dispatches and put them together into a documentary of seven episodes.”

From the first episode, this looks to be one of the best produced pieces of machinema I’ve ever seen.  This is likely to really raise the bar for in-world productions, and be the first to break through into mainstream media.  Hats off to HBO for stepping out to the edge on this one. 


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