PacRimX Update – Back to School

It’s been very busy with Modesto City Schools coming back from Summer vacation.

The new building on the shared island of PacRimX continues, and I will get some screenshots up soon of the work Chris Flesuras has beeng doing.

We are identifying teachers and labs now for participation in the project this year.  Video cards and headsets are being ordered.  Permission slips are going out this next week.  Our new crop of virtual students should be online in a few weeks.

We are getting the final details worked out to purchase our fourth island.  I think we’ve finally worked out the details, and the order will likely be placed this week.  We hope to have the island online by the October 18th – 24th visit of Kyoto Gauken students and administrators to Modesto.  The students coming on this exchange were not part of the project, as we got started late in the year last year.

Students from Modesto City Schools that will visit Kyoto in April are going to be identified during the month of September.  The two teachers who will run this year’s program have been selected.  We will get them on the island soon, and hopefully get them blogging here as soon as they start with the project. 

Students from Kyoto that will visit during the Summer of 2008, and attend summer school with Modesto students, are already on the island.  They have been on since late Spring, and were the ones who participated in the bridge building projects and the summer video conference with Modesto.

In October we will start joint projects between the students and will start posting screenshots and blog entries of their activities. 

So much work and so little time.


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