Cornell University and Metaversed Launch The Metanomics ’07 Event Series

Metaversed has made an announcement about a major online event:

The Metanomics ’07 Event Series

To quote the website announcement:

Metanomics ’07 will be a landmark series of events in Second Life that will explore virtual business and policy in the Metaverse, hosted by Cornell University’s Robert Bloomfield, and While the events will take place in Second Life, is going to be broadcasting them live for anyone unable to attend in-world. We also have planned several mixed reality events where presenters will interact with the virtual world via live video feeds.

Speakers for these events will be academics, industry leaders, regulators and influential virtual-world residents. We’ll have representatives from a number of key businesses including Sun Microsystems, IBM, Intel, SAP, and Cisco. We encourage you to come to the event, listen to some of the true luminaries of the industry, ask questions and join in the discussion!”

Looks like some great sessions are planned. I will be looking forward to the Richard Bartle and Edward Castronova sessions.

Jump to the website for complete details on this major event in Second Life (and on the web).


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