The Academics Speak: Is There Life After World Of Warcraft?

Gamasutra has a five page article up at their site on why players migrate between MMO’s.

The Academics Speak: Is There Life After World Of Warcraft?

This is a very interesting read. Having been playing MMO’s since the first Everquest (and playing online social games back to the original MUD’s and MOO’s), and having BETA testing almost all the major MMO’s in the past 8 years, I could have predicted most of these responses. It’s very interesting to read each person’s answers to the set of questions they are asked in these interviews.

I’ve passed through several stages in my MMO playing over the past 8 years. I was a solo player in the early days of MMO’s, I then moved to being a very social player in a small group that travelled through three games, I then joined guilds and worked through a few more games (including Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft). I am now back to being a casual MMO player that enjoys playing with a few good friends and my children (I have never convinced my wife to play with us). Being a small group and solo player affords me much more flexibility in what I play, and when I play.

My kids and I are currently BETA testing Tabula Rasa. This game has been out there on the horizon for many years. It is the brainchild of MMO pioneer Richard Garriott of Ultima fame (Ultima Online was a huge early MMO hit, even before Evequest). Having played World of Warcraft (leaving a year ago last May) and then Lord of the Rings (causally for a year), it’s very refreshing to be in a SciFi universe now that is devoid of elves, orcs, and other fantasy elements.

I must say, after a weekend of playing Tabula Rasa, we all are really enjoying it, A LOT. Tabula Rasa looks to hold great promise, and has departed from the stock MMO fair of the past 5 years.

Here’s a link to some videos, make sure you view the Closed Beta Walkthroughs for some detailed info on what’s involved, and what’s different, with Tabula Rasa.

Official Tabula Rasa Site: Closed Beta Walkthroughs


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