Flickr on Steroids

A very innovative service has gone into BETA, one that holds a lot of potential for educators, specifically those wanting to share information on their educational projects from many perspectives (both students and teachers). I want to thank Linda Uhrenholt of AT&T for passing along information on this site to me in an email tonight.

PacRimX is a heavy user of Flickr. We try to post as many pictures and screenshots from our island as possible for other educators since our project is on a private island, and can’t be visited by anyone outside of our project. One line descriptions just don’t express the images posted in many cases.  Voicethread allows you to import picture (yes, even from Flickr) and annotate them with voice.  Visitors to your Voicethread can then leave their own text and/or voice comments. 

Here’s a demo that a teacher setup to show the potential of Voicethread:

Art Appreciation Demo

I started a Voicethread for PacRimX tonight.  I put up a few pictures that introduce the project and cover a few of the activites we did over summer school (it’s late, so I’ll expand this collection later).  It was very easy to put together this Voicethread.  When you are done there are several URL’s provided that allow for linking to the show directly, or embedding it into your own webpage.  I’m sure I barely scratched the surface on this tonight.  I set this show to public with moderated comments.  A user must register and log in to leave a text or voice comment.  This service has been very well designed for ease of use, and I had no problems pulling this show together:

PacRimX Voicethread 

This new service holds the promise of adding a myriad of voices to any images posted to the Internet. Jump to the Voicethread site and run through the guided tour and you will be amazed.  Take a look at some of the other slide shows while you are there for some ideas on how to use this with your projects.  The best part of it all is that this service is free.  Enjoy!



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