Intel and the 3D Web

Information Week has an article up on the recent Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco:

Intel Offers Vision On The Future Of Virtual Worlds

Intel used the closing day of their conference to give a vision of the future, one in which the Internet is 3D and people move through different virtual worlds easily in search of business, entertainment and education. Here are a few quotes from the article:

Intel wants to be sure that its microprocessors are driving the evolution of the Internet to 3D realism from today’s 2D graphics seen in virtual worlds like Second Life and online multiplayer games like World of Warcraft. So the chipmaker wants to be among the first to rally the industry around the development of standards and technology that would one day make it possible to move user-generated content and avatars from one virtual world to another.” . . . . . . .

As the 3D Internet evolves, Intel also sees the need for new devices for interacting with a computer, Rattner said. A special 3D mouse, for example, would make it easier to move an avatar through a virtual world, and haptic technology would provide sensory feedback to make the user feel more of a part of the virtual world.”

Jump to the full article for all the details.


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