PacRimX Project Update

We are gearing up for the new school year Second Life activities in Modesto. Three high schools will have labs upgraded to run Second Life, and upwards of six classes in Modesto will be joining the existing students on the PacRimX islands. Video cards and headsets arrived this week and will be installed next week at two of the high schools. The third high school is just now finalizing their participation in the project.

We have a new teacher who has proposed a great plan for following the students through this school year, the exchange of Modesto students to Kyoto in April, and the Kyoto students coming to Modesto next summer for a three week session of summer school. The coverage of this year might ultimately be documented in both video (in the form of a documentary) and in print (in a yearbook like publication). Writing submissions will be sought from students on both sides of the Pacific for the book. We will also be posting many more student writings here on the PacRimX blog once formal activities start up. A Halloween event will see the first use of voice between Modesto students and Kyoto students on the islands.

We should have solid details to post in the next two weeks about some other plans for the coming year on the island.

We are gearing up for a group of administrators from Kyoto arriving on October 18th, brining students for a 10 day exchange in Modesto. These students are not residents of the island, but they will be joining in a video conference the week of October 10th to meet their Modesto hosts. The current Kyoto residents of the island will be visiting Modesto next summer. The Modesto students travelling to Kyoto in April will be identified in the next month, and they will join the island soon.

It’s going to be an exciting year on the PacRimX Islands!


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