Japanese Second Life Alternative

Virtual Tokyo to offer alternative to Second Life in Japan:

Subdued Virtual World for Japan

Transcosmos Inc. is brining ‘meet-me’ to Japan as a pornography free Japanese virtual world. Kunimasa Hamaoka states in the article:

“Hamaoka said he is determined to make “meet-me” a strictly Japanese hit, although foreign tourists are welcome visitors.

“This will be a place where people can enjoy themselves with a sense of safety — like Disneyland,” he said. “There’s total freedom to act in ‘Second Life,’ which requires individual responsibility. It’s very American. Almost everything is OK, including evil.””

It is inevitable that other virtual world alternatives appear to compete with Second Life for market share. I suspect that Multiverse, when it is finally officially rolled out, will take a large bite out of this market. IBM better get its game on so that we can start moving a single avatar between virtual worlds with all of our assets.


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