BETA Physics Video

Vlad Bjornson over at ShinyLife has a video up on the new Havok4 Physics Engine that is now live on the BETA Grid:

Fun with Physics

In the video he stacks and rolls a bunch of balls (planets) down a nicely contoured landscape, ultimately landing in water. He also tosses around some blocks and other objects. I must say that the movements are considerably smoother than they are now. Jump over to his blog now to check out his video.

While at his site, scroll down and check out his sculpted prim waterfall and 1-800-FLOWERS entry.  Very cool stuff.


One response to “BETA Physics Video

  1. Hello and thanks for the mention and link. 🙂

    The new Havok4 physics is definitely a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what happens once it makes it to the live Sl grid.

    I’ve noticed a few other people posting videos of the experiments, too.

    Here’s a neat one from RacerX where he simulates a Chain:

    And another by Zen Z. that shows a working set of gears:

    I’m hoping to find some time for more goofing around…errr I mean serious experiments on the Beta Grid 🙂

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