CETPA Presentations

I am delivering two presentations at the Annual CETPA Conference in Palm Springs this year.  Both presentations are on virtual world platforms and education.  Here are links to the two PowerPoint presentations:

Virtual World Platforms and Education, PDF file

Virtual World K-20 Case Studies, PDF file

Both presentations have a number of links embedded in them for the examples given.  It was very hard to pick which projects to highlight in the K-20 examples, as I only have 50 minutes for each of these presentations.  I tried to stay with projects that would appeal to this audience. 

Description of CETPA:

CETPA was established in 1960, when the first generation of computers (vacuum tube driven) was giving way to the second generation using transistors. Fast forwarding to the present, K-12 technology systems encompass all aspects of administrative and instructional information processing requirements. The association’s goal is to increase information sharing and communication among K-12 technologists on technology-related issues.”

I’ve also added links to these files in the Blog Roll to the right under Links.  If there are any last minute changes made to these, I will repost the files after the conference.  Of course comments are always welcomed, especially for these two, as I am presenting these again in late November at another education conference in Monterey.

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