Campus Second Life

Wired Magazine has an article up on a new program by Linden Lab to help provide learning space to teachers wanting to hold class in Second Life:

Campus Life Comes to Second Life

In order to help teachers bring their classes to Second Life, Linden Lab donates accounts for each student, as well as an acre of land in the metaverse for the teacher and students to work and build on. Afterward, anyone wishing to stay a member can do so at half price.”

The article explains that subscriptions to Second Life run $10/month, and that this program is intended to attract and keep students as paying residents of Second Life.

“It’s really difficult to understand new media or cyberculture or the ways the internet is transforming our culture without actively participating in it,” he said. “The thing that’s appealing about Second Life is that it’s a shared virtual experience, and so it has that common element that the classroom brings.”

It’s good to see that Linden Lab is starting to recognize one of the strongest and most loyal segments of their market. More should be done to attract and enhance the student experience in the Second Life universe. I just spent a few hours tonight adding over 100 new students to our PacRimX project, one by one using the RegAPI. It sure would be nice if they put a little development behind some utilities for educators to manage their classes and students in this virtual world.


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