IntelligirlFaculty Spotlight: Sarah Robbins

Ball State University has posted a faculty spotlight at the above link on Sarah Robbins, AKA Intelligirl. 

Sarah was one of the first people involved with education in Second Life that I met online last year when we started the PacRimX project.  She is a mentor of sorts, sharing her experiences with her students through her blog(s) for anyone who is interested. 

Her latest blog is Ubernoggin: Big Brains – Big Thoughts

Sarah is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming book: Second Life for Dummies (which will have a short blurb on PacRimX).

If there are celebrities in the world of Second Life Education, Sarah is definitely one of the A-List stars.  Check out her spotlight and the links out to other resources.  Way to go Sarah! (very cool mixed reality portrait)


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  1. Thanks for the plug and for helping with the profile of your project. How could we possibly leave out such an awesome endeavor?!

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