I Am Legend: Survival

The Electric Sheep Company also has a movie tie in (in addition to the CSI: NY virtual world detailed below) with their I Am Legend movie game. In case you are unfamiliar with the movie, here is the trailer:

I Am Legend: Movie Trailer (Apple)

The Second Life virtual game looks to give players a preview and back story for the months leading up to the movie. Here’s the official site for the Second Life game:

I Am Legend: Survival (Official Site)

I’ve been anxious to see this new movie coming this December, as I am a hard core SciFi fan with a bend towards the End of the World genre. IGN recently did a preview article on this SL game tie in with the movie:

IGN Versus I Am Legend

It looks like The Electric Sheep Company has found a new niche with these TV and Movie virtual world projects. This can only expand the audience for virtual worlds, and potentially move the Second Life platform, and virtual worlds further into the mainstream. It is not clear if this Survival game uses the new OnRez SL viewer.


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